Risk Management

How we deal with risks.

Taking risks is part of the day-to-day business of portfolio management. In our opinion risks cannot, and should not, be eliminated, since there is no return without risk! What matters is to learn how to manage risks successfully and in a professional manner. As a result, Pinechip Capital understands and has a detailed insight of risk management. We are able to identify and reveal undesired risks and alterations from targets and processes in a timely manner to avoid potential complications. Risk management should be involved in all aspects of the investment process. This ensures that portfolio risks are fully understood and can also be addressed efficiently and effectively to prevent any issues arising. Details and consequences of each investment decision are fully reviewed and all significant effects after execution are to be subsequently monitored. If necessary, countermeasures will be taken.

Better than removing pain is to remove the chance of pain.

We acknowledge that risk management is never the sole responsibility of a single person or department. Rather, it requires the acumen and understanding of all employees.